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“I began my relationship with Dr. Plasker, as I believe many others have, with the treatment of an acute injury. After the pain was relieved, I was encouraged to continue a regular regimen of adjustments to allow my body to stay “in tune” and heal itself of the many small irritations that occur with age.

I have continued this regimen of 2-3 weeks between adjustments for several years. And the occasional flare ups disappeared. Maybe there is something to getting out of the body’s way to allow it to heal itself! I’m writing today, however, to acknowledge the help I received last week. I sustained another acute injury with a poor decision to lift something heavy with bad posture. That was totally on me. The real problem was my need to board a flight to see my first granddaughter’s first birthday 7 days later! I had to make that flight. Dr. Plasker answered my Saturday phone call and met me at his office to immediately start me on a path to fast recovery. I visited him daily all week, while he made time in his busy schedule, and I made the flight and birthday with great success! The Plasker Family Chiropractors are caring people who take a genuine interest in helping and keeping their patients on a path towards total health. While there are always differences in the abilities of care givers, I recommend Plasker to anyone in need of the best!”

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The Best Kind of Inheritance

Forget about the family photos or summer home. The best kind of inheritance is the one that belongs to children of parents who live to

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