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Lovely Beaches & the Highest Number of Centenarians in the World

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Most people have never heard of Nicoya, Costa Rica. But it’s one of the five Blue Zones, and it is the one that boasts the highest number of centenarians in the world. In Nicoya, most inhabitants live to at least 90, and often live to 100 or more. They do so without medication or any type of physical disability. That’s truly 100:100, living at 100% for 100 years…or more.

José Bonafacio Villegas has ridden a horse nearly every day for the last 100 years. Villegas learned how to ride in 1921, and spent the next 99 years riding to school, doing farm work or visiting friends on horseback. At 102, riding is still his passion, although he’s currently sidelined – an ear infection hurt his balance and has kept him off the saddle since December.

It’s a temporary setback, says Villegas. He hopes he’ll be back on his horse soon. “Hope keeps you going. Negative thoughts annihilate.”

You want to know about the Nicoyan plan de vida. Keep reading.



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